Education is a proven and powerful way to dramatically improve the lives of women and girls who live in poverty. Even beyond this, educating girls improves the health, social, environmental, and economic conditions for entire communities. Consider giving a scholarship to send a Maasai girl to school:

  • High school O-level scholarships: $92 per month, or $1,100 per year (co-sponsorship at $550 per year is also possible)
  • High school A-level scholarships: $100 per month, or $1,200 per year (co-sponsorship at $600 per year is also possible)
  • Post-secondary scholarships: $183 per month, or $2,200 a year
  • Special projects: Any amount is welcome to support projects that enhance learning such as tutoring, infrastructure, technology, and more.

Safe Initiative

The Safe Initiative aims to address the root causes of disempowerment for Maasai girls, while also providing much needed immediate support to at-risk girls. The initiative provides:

  • Teacher training on the safety issues many students face, child protection measures, and student counseling techniques
  • Community-based training with mothers and daughters to foster discussions about the problems that most affect women and girls and potential solutions to these problems
  • Direct assistance to at-risk girls who face imminent danger of early marriage, genital cutting, and other forms of violence. The initiative provides housing, incidentals, counseling, formal education, and/or technical training to these girls.